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Caravan Preperation Information - What do we do with our caravans before delivery?

caravan perparation information and what SBLCC do

What do we do with our caravans before delivery?
This is one of the most common questions our customers ask prior to purchase. And the answer is -

Quite a lot!

All of our caravans (unless agreed otherwise) receive a gas safety check, electric test and chassis check. They are also cleaned internally and washed off on the outside. As well as the standard stuff, we can also carry out a variety of extra services to improve the caravans. This includes things like new carpets and vinyl flooring, which can make a huge difference. A caravan can be particularly tidy but most carpets have some wear or discolouration so brand new ones really give the caravan a new lease of life!

As well as replacing carpets, we can also recover upholstery. The cushions, arms and skirts are sent away to trusted colleagues in the industry who remove the old fabric and replace it with brand new material. You can see in the second set of photos that both the carpets and upholstery have been replaced. What a difference it makes! The caravan looks completely different.

Another service that we often do for people is replace the internal cupboard doors. As you may know, if you have viewed caravans before (or any of our videos, check out the YouTube channel!) caravans can often suffer from what we refer to as 'delamination'. This is where the edges and sometimes fronts of the cupboard doors and other surfaces start to lift. We do offer a service to edge or paint these doors but sometimes new doors are necessary. We have a wide variety of door colours, finishes and designs available so you can either stick with as close to the original doors as possible or change them completely!

Sometimes essential repairs are required, such as replacing skylights/vents, carrying out floor repairs and sealing corner trims. These jobs can seem daunting at first but we have years of experience repairing caravans and have all the required tools, parts and expertise to carry out the jobs to a high standard.

If you would like any further information on any work we carry out, or would like to talk about work required on a specific caravan, get in touch today!

pre lounge refit image number 1 pre and post lounge static caravan refit second hadn static caravan rennovation