Purchasing Information

Purchasing Information - What is our purchasing process?

purchasing information for buying a new static cravan

Purchasing a static caravan is a little different to most other purchases in life, so I thought it may be worth setting out our step-by-step process:

1. Visit us and take a look around our large selection of preowned caravans and lodges

This is an important stage as it means you can get a feel for the size you will require, the features you desire and the money you will need to spend. Some change their budget if they decide they require additional features that they had not initially expected, or they may realise that a smaller or older model ticks all their boxes!

2. Deposit and placing the order

We require a deposit paid by Card, Cash or BACS. This is usually £500 on a caravan and £1,000 on a lodge but can vary subject to price. At this stage we also agree on what work will be carried out on the caravan and fill out the necessary paperwork. We also discuss timescale requirements and estimate a delivery date.

3. Access Check

One of our trusted transport companies will visit your site to carry out an inspection and confirm if the caravan you have chosen will fit and provide a quotation for siting. On occasion, the access check can find that the chosen caravan will not fit, and it will be necessary to swap to a smaller one. This may require a revisit by the customer to look at models that will fit. Whilst rare, it is possible that an access check can fail and there is no suitable size of caravan that will fit. When this happens, we will issue a refund of the deposit, less the cost of the access check.

4. Delivery Timescale

Delivery will take place approx. 4 weeks after a deposit has been paid. In certain circumstances we can do our best to deliver more quickly but this is subject to the work required and the availability of transport.

5. Final Payment

The remaining balance is required prior to delivery. Once a delivery date has been confirmed we will ask for the balance to be paid. The easiest way to pay the balance is by BACS, which can be done online, by phone or at your local bank branch.