Site Preparation Infomation

Site Preperation - What site preperation is required?

site preparation for static caravans

Once a site survey (access check) has been carried out to establish that your chosen caravan will fit in the area you require, it will be necessary to start preparing the ground for its arrival. Customers often ask what preparation they need to carry out and we try to be as informative as possible, but each situation is unique.

During the access check, one of our trusted transport companies will give you advice specific to your land and your needs. As a general rule, we do recommend laying a level concrete base. This is the only way to ensure the caravan or lodge does not move once sited (other than some settling that will occur). It is especially important with a lodge due to there being two halves bolted together. If these halves pull away from each other due to an uneven or unstable base, it could cause significant damage.
Sometimes when the caravan is for temporary use, customers are reluctant to lay concrete due to the cost and/or permanence of it. Depending on the land the caravan is to be sited on it may be possible to either lay concrete strips (just located in the support areas) or a mixture of subbase and hardcore but this must be packed down and levelled. It is important to stress that this is very dependent on the land where the caravan will be sited as if it is a very wet area, it is likely you will require a more significant base. Additionally, a 28x10 standard static caravan is much lighter than a 38x12 with double glazing and central heating so this can also have an impact on what you will need to do.
We delivery our static caravans for free within 100 miles, to the nearest accessible point for the transport lorry. For an additional charge, we can also arrange for the caravan to be sited. Either way, you will need concrete blocks or axle stands or a mixture of both! This usually depends on the ground they are to be sited on - the softer the ground, the more concrete blocks that will be required.