Why buy a static caravan or lodge?

Why buy a static caravan or lodge?

We sell preowned static caravans to a wide range of people for many different uses.


Self-Build & Construction

We can supply caravans to the construction trade and private customers. Companies often approach us to purchase a static caravan for their employees and workers to use whilst on site, either as accommodation or office space.

Many people have found that living on site during a self-build has many great advantages:

  • Increased security
  • Less travelling time to site - more time to work!
  • Project management becomes much easier as you can be on site 24/7
  • Save money! It can often work out cheaper than renting. Bear in mind that we are often interested in buying back caravans purchased from us. Taking this in to account, you could save thousands when compared to renting.
  • Subject to the necessary planning permissions, people often keep the caravan on site after the build to use as extra accommodation or office and storage space.


Permanent and Temporary Living Solution

Static Caravans and lodges offer a great solution to both permanent and temporary living. Double glazing and central heating mean that living in a static caravan can be very comfortable. Extra features such as patio doors, ensuite bedrooms and integrated appliances add to the feel of luxury. Lodges are bigger than caravans and with some the size of a small bungalow it's easy to see why people choose to live in one!


Farm Workers and Agricultural Businesses including seasonal labourers

The agricultural and farming industry often relies on labourers and seasonal workers. Farms and businesses can sometimes require a large amount of staff, most who do not have accommodation for their period of work. We are able to supply multiple static caravans at great prices. These could be for one or two stable hands or multiple staff required for fruit picking.