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Services Information - What services are required?

services required for siting a static caravan


water icon Water (essential)
Waste Solution icon Waste Solution (essential)
Electric icon Electric (essential)
Gas icon Gas (optional)
Most static caravans use a combination of LPG (propane) gas and electricity to power them. Traditionally, caravans have had a gas fire, cooker and boiler but in more recent years there has been a transition to more electric appliances. Modern gas ovens often require electricity to power a fan. An electric fire requires no chimney/flue and therefore can be easy to fit and replace. Because electric boilers and cookers require more power than gas, it’s not a straightforward swap.
Whilst they are not common, we do sell all electric caravans. We recommend at least a 64amp connection for these, whereas for gas caravans its 32amp.
Your plans for the location of the caravan can impact what you decide to do with the electricity supply. For a site with no mains electric, it can be expensive to create a new supply, but this is often a necessary cost. It may be possible to run the caravan from a generator, but it is important to seek professional advice. We are getting an increasing number of questions about the use of solar power and again we encourage you to seek professional advice.
LPG gas can either be stored in a tank or bottles. When you are getting low it is important to remember to order more, or you may end up without hot water! Some setups will have an automatic ordering system which can come in very handy. It is a good idea to have at least two gas bottles so that one can be refilled/swapped whilst the other is in use. A gas changeover/regulator will need to be fitted once the caravan is delivered. It is important to ask a gas safe engineer to do this for you and commission the caravan. After this, you can change the bottles yourself.
The caravan will need to be connected to a waste solution. For those with an existing building on site, it may be possible to connect to your mains drainage. The rules and regulations for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants have been updated in recent years so it is important to check what you are required to do. If you are setting up a new discharge which cannot be connected to mains, you will need to install a sewage treatment plant. It’s best to check the current guidelines at
Clean water is required either from mains or an alternative such as a borehole. This will be used to provide drinking water as well as for taps and the shower/bath. A static caravan makes a great temporary or permanent home because of the ability to connect a water supply and drainage.