Siting information

Siting Information - What is siting and do I need it?

Caravan chassis with axle stands for siting
We deliver free to the nearest accessible point for the lorry, within 100 miles of our sales centre. But what does this mean?

When an access check is carried out, the transport company will let you know where they are able to deliver the caravan using the lorry only. Ordinarily, no 4x4 vehicle is used when delivering a caravan. However, for an additional charge, the transport company can bring a suitable vehicle to tow the static caravan into position, level it on concrete blocks and/or axle stands and chain it down (if necessary). This process is called siting.
On some occasions, the lorry can reverse and unload on to the caravan pitch, leaving only the levelling to be done. We have also seen two 4x4’s required and towing through multiple fields! Every job is unique.
There is no requirement to pay for siting – you can take advantage of our free delivery and do the rest yourself at no extra cost. However, if you require the skill and experience of one of our trusted transport companies, we can arrange for them to deliver and site the caravan, taking the stress out of the process for you. This will just leave you with the connections to arrange.

Depending on the ground where the caravan will be sited, you will either need concrete blocks, axle stands or a mixture of both. This will be explained at the access check.
4x4 parked next to static caravan mobile home Land rover towing one half of a twin lodge mobile home Lorry carrying one half of a twin lodge mobile home
If you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
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