Free Steps Promotion

  1. The free steps promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
  2. Not elegible when purchasing a caravan marked on 'special offer'.
  3. One set of 3 tread steps per customer, per purchase of a static caravan or lodge. The customer can choose 2 tread or 4 tread if they wish to pay the difference in cost (4 tread are more expensive).
  4. There is no limit to how many times the promotion can be redeemed but each time a static caravan or lodge must be purchased.
  5. Subject to availability.
  6. Available in either white or green.
  7. Offer must be redeemed at time of purchase.
  8. Promotion ends 29/02/2024.
  9. Promotion may be withdrawn prior to 29/02/2024.
  10. Value of steps stated includes delivery and VAT.
  11. Promotion not valid for trade purchases.
  12. Note: The customer will need to construct the steps (they need to be boxed up to fit inside the caravan for delivery).